Surroundings & Events

Beautiful and varied walking and hiking paths for all levels are offered in this southern district. Relaxed walkers get their money’s worth as much as demanding mountain freaks. In the valleys, there are several possibilities for excursions of the comfortable type. On a higher level, one can find well-marked hiking paths. Mountain tours for the entire family with interesting viewpoints can easily be reached!

Wine culture - the wine village of Girlan/Eppan with the winery KG Girlan, KG Schreckbichl, K. Martini & Sohn, I. Niedrist and more, dedicates nearly sam weeks for everything relating to wine (Exlusive Experiences), as well as Alpine-Mediterranean specialities. The winding lanes are home to unique events, giving insight into the local wine economy. 
A vacation needs to be enjoyed. In Eppan on the wine route your culinary demands will be more than fulfilled. You will be amazed by the variety of culinary delights made up of a combination of Mediterranean ease and South Tyrolean traditions.
Visit the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, documents the entire history of the province from the Palaeolithic age to the Carolingian epoch. The museum is well known especially for Ötzi, the Iceman, exhibited with all his clothing and equipment.
MMM Messner-Mountain-Museum Firmian, castle is clearly the centre stage of the extraordinary Mountain Museum project by mountaineer Reinhold Messner. The museum collection is exhibited in the turrets, rooms, and courtyards and offers the visitor a complete vision of the mountaineering world and the special relationship between man and mountain. Exhibits range from pictures, relics and natural objects that tell about this relationship, the link with religion, the greatness of the most famous peaks, and the history of mountaineering until modern day Alpine tourism. Each year the journey is enriched with a temporary exhibition.
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